Hours: Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm | Closed: Fridays

Library Advisory

The purpose of the Library Advisory Committee is to provide guidance and recommendations to the City Council for the Newport Library and Community Center.  The Newport Library Advisory Committee meets as needed.

Library Advisory Calendar

Newport Library Advisory Committee Members:               
Jo Bailey, Chairperson
Term Expires: 1/31/2023

Beverly Bartl
Term Expires: 1/31/2023

Christina Rahm
Term Expires: 1/31/2025

Anita Wasmundt
Term Expires: 1/31/2024
Barb Wilcziek
Term Expires: 1/31/2024
Rozlyn Johnson, Councilmember
Library Advisory Committee Liaison

05/24/22 Regular Meeting Agenda      
02/22/22 Regular Meeting Agenda      

11/23/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
10/05/21 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes