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2023 Area Study

The City of Newport is in the process of developing a plan to facilitate redevelopment in Newport, focusing on the commercial corridors along Hastings Avenue and 7th Avenue. This plan is intended to identify opportunities and strategies to support new investments in the area. Redevelopment will occur in partnership with land and business owners that are interested in pursuing change on their properties or their business. It is the intent of the City to encourage comments from residents, land owners, and business owners throughout this process. The voice of the community is a key factor that will drive the future economic planning for the City. Two points of citizen engagement include a Community Survey and Social Pinpoint app.

Area Study Committee Members 
Laurie Elliott, Mayor
Marvin Taylor, City Council Member
Brandon Leyde, Planning Commission Chair
Maria Bonilla, Planning Commission Commissioner
Joe Hatch, City Administrator 
Travis Brierley, Assistant to the City Administrator
Nathan Fuerst, City Planner
Kevin Clarke, HKGi
Grant Martin, LOCi Consulting LLC

Study Area

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Presented Documents
Area Study Goals and Process
Site Analysis and Demographic/Economic Analysis
Market Insights

Phase I- Engagement 
This phase is from the beginning of April to the end of July. During this time the City will create the foundation documents, review preliminary market information, and solicit comments from the public through various mediums. 

Phase II- Market
This phase is from the end of April to the end of September. During this time the City will be focused on site analysis, demographic and economic analysis, competitive analysis for residential and commercial properties, and reviewing Newport's market potential.

Phase III- Actions
This phase is from mid-July to the end of October. During this time the City will be reviewing recommendations for zoning regulations and the actions the City should take. 

Area Study Comment Form