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Pavilion at Pioneer Park

611 4th Avenue

Park Amenities

  • Pavilions / Grills
  • Volleyball Court
  • Playground Equipment
  • Horsehoe Pits
  • Basketball Hoop

Pioneer Park, Newport's oldest park, was created in the face of increasing development, local citizens chose to set aside land for public recreation.  That may sound like a present day occurrence, but it happened in the 1930's.

From 1930 to 1940, Newport grew from 330 people to about 550 people.  As land was being bought up for homes and businesses, some Newport citizens became concerned that a chunk of historically significant land within the village would be lost.  The land that is now Pioneer Park was in the original plat of the Village of Newport, and was the place where volunteers mustered to join the Union Army and leave for the Civil War.

As the land was privately owned, the Village Council purchased parcels in 1937-1938, and in 1941, dedicated the land as Pioneer Park.  A wooden plaque was nailed to one of the oak trees which stated:




(The Unique Legacy of Red Rock & Newport, Minnesota 1837-1989. M. Virigina Yelland and Jane McClure, Editors.)  This inscription is now located on a monument in the center of the park. 

Today Pioneer Park has a large play structure for children with many jungle gym characteristics.  Also located in the park are a basketball hoop, several horseshoe pits, and a large grassy area for playing.  Seasonally there is a volleyball court in this area. 

The park has two covered pavilions equipped with electirical hookup, as well as picnic tables.   One  pavilion is capable of seating 100 people and the other seating 25 people.  There are seven charcoal grills, as well as running water.  Many large trees provide shade, and the park is bordered by a low cut hedge.  Park benches are available for resting, observing children at play, and general relaxation.

Also located at Pioneer Park is the Newport Heritage Monument, which isdisplayed by a large rock and the City of Newport's seal.  Enclosed in that area is a time capsule to be opened in the year 2100.

Every August, on the second Sunday of the month, this park is home to to Pioneer Day; this is Newport's annual celebration.  It is a family oriented day of picnicking, kids' games, arts and crafts, music, and entertainment acts.